As one of the first Smartphone-vendor, integrated Apple with iCloud, a cloud service directly in the Smartphone. In order to make manual Backups of superfluous and ensures the most important data in Apple's cloud. Photos, settings of third-party online loan Apps and more are there as a backup and to assist in the synchronization of data across multiple devices. For some time Apple makes the memory to the manual data storage with iCloud Drive. There, the iCloud storage is full quickly. Apple failed so far, the basic storage from 5 GB to raise. This is provided free of charge when you purchase a device, but unfortunately Apple has raised him is not parallel to the with the Apple-ID connected devices. Thus, users with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac only have 5 GB available, so you have to buy and the iCloud storage blank or has a higher storage Option than subscription. With a few Tricks, you can create a lot of space. 1. You can disable iCloud photo Backups One of the biggest memory hogs on any online loan app the photos App represents. With hundreds or even Thousands of photos and Videos to several gigabytes can take it often of memory space. Thus, the iCloud storage is full. Especially fast this goes, if the automatic Backups are enabled. For this reason, you should disable it, perhaps, and instead manually on the Mac or PC secure. To turn off the photo Backup to iCloud, go to settings and tap the top with your Apple ID. After that, select "iCloud > photos". Now drag the Slider next to "iCloud photos" to the right, so that in the future any more photos automatically in iCloud loaded and synchronised with other devices. In addition, you can also remove already uploaded images from the iCloud. You can return to it in "iCloud", and open "storage > manage photos". There tap on "Clear and delete". iCloud backup for photos: In "settings > (Apple ID) > iCloud > photos", "iCloud photos" to disable All iCloud delete photos: In "settings > (Apple ID) > iCloud > manage storage > photos" to "Disable and Delete" tap 2. App data from iCloud, delete Via iCloud, Apple also facilitates third-party Backup App data, so that they are ready when you re-Download or sync to other devices. Often, this is hidden from the user and fills this slow the iCloud storage is full. Therefore, you should regularly check which Apps are as much of the valuable memory. To open the settings and cancel your Apple ID. Tap on "iCloud". Below the Apple applications iOS lists all Apps that rely on iCloud. This can be with a finger tip on the Regulator to change, thus preventing the automatic data storage in the cloud. To delete the data, tap the very top on the "manage storage" and select any App. Here, you can now delete the "data". In some cases, even single files to be displayed. Swipe it from right to left to remove them individually. iCloud access for Apps to disable: In the "settings > (Apple ID) > iCloud" Slider next to the App to the left iCloud data from Apps to delete: In "settings > (Apple ID) > iCloud > manage storage" App and then "clear data" tap

ICLOUD STORAGE: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF "OTHER"? If you are in "settings > (Apple ID) > iCloud > manage storage", you can see above, how much disk space you already consume. Apple divided in the categories "photos", "backup", "documents" and "Other". The latter ensures that users for frowning, since it is not described exactly, and sometimes a lot of space you can occupy. Apple suggest that we group under "Other" such as Mail and messages, although other categories may be included. On the Mac, it breaks down the categories, more accurately

3. iCloud storage empty due to Mail and news You should use iMessage and Mail, then back up the data in iCloud and also count against your iCloud storage or contact dunsin oyekan songs For this reason, you should delete both the message as well as E-Mails regularly to create space. Messages you can view either directly in the messages-App to remove, or in "settings > (Apple ID) > iCloud > manage storage > messages" and complete the iCloud-storage disable. In addition, iOS will show you the "Top-Konversstations“ with storage needs. In the case of Mail you can delete only the App, even E-Mails. A there is no other way 4. iCloud Drive: files to delete and disable synchronization With the "iCloud Drive"feature, Apple is in competition with Google Drive and Dropbox and allows users to Share files and folders, as well as a cross-platform synchronization of data. This of course costs precious storage space. Especially users with a Mac, you could quickly run into a lack of space, since the System is shipped automatically folder as the "desktop" or "documents" in the Cloud. Therefore, open the Finder, to manually remove the data from iCloud Drive. To do this, call in the page iCloud Drive toolbar, and right-click on a file or folder. From here you can delete your selection by clicking "move to trash". You want to only save local storage, click on the "remove Download". The automatic Upload of documents, as well as the Desk you can also bind under. To do this, click in the menu bar on the Apple Logo and select "system settings". Then click the top right (under macOS Catalina) "Apple ID". In the side bar, select "iCloud" and click right next to "iCloud Drive" on the "options". Here you can disable the backup of the Apps and the folders "desktop" and "documents"." iCloud Drive files on Mac: open Finder > iCloud Drive in the sidebar, select > right click on file and "put it In the trash" Desk not via iCloud Drive back up:"Apple Logo > system preferences > Apple ID > iCloud" next to "iCloud Drive" to "options" and click the check mark in front of "folder on desktop & documents" to remove.